The material testing institute for materials and manufacturing engineering (MPA – Hanover), which is a company of Lower Saxony, offers a wide range of services to industry, commerce and commercial businesses, and it is an instrument of technology transfer between university and economy. It is part of the portfolio of Lower Saxony's ministry of economy, labour and transport.

Not only the testing and technical inspection of pipelines, pressure vessels and equipment, but also the testing of components for pipeline construction, the house installation and plumbing and heating technology belong to the array of services of the MPA. Additionally the MPA carries out destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT) on components, assemblies and rotating abrasives. An own calibration laboratory offers the calibration of mechanical measuring instruments, material testing machines and reference specimens for NDT. In addition, the MPA certifies staff, products and quality assurance systems; and it provides engineering and consulting in the above mentioned areas.

Integrated into the “Production Technology Centre (PZH)” in Garbsen, the amalgamation of the technological institutes for production of the Leibniz-University Hanover, the MPA has excellent possibilities for cooperation with academic institutions and therefore can contribute to technology transfer between academia and industry. Besides that, the MPA cooperates with leading institutions and associations

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