Testing and certification of grinding wheels

SchleifscheibenIn accordance to the German statutory safety regulations BGR 500 and the European Act on Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products  the safety characteristics must be meet when grinding tools are marketed or operated. This compliance is up to the manufacturers or resellers and users. European standards, as for example the EN 12413 Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products  and EN 13236 Safety requirements for superabrasive products  have legally binding security parameters for grinding tools.

The MPA runs an accredited laboratory, in which such security tests can be done not only for manufacturers or importers but also for users.

As the oldest independent testing laboratory for grinding wheels in Europe we have been performing safety tests on rotating grinding tools for more than 60 years. Our accreditation in this area includes almost all major national and international standards and regulations, such as

The MPA participates together with the Institute for Metal Forming and Metal Forming machines (IFUM) of the Leibniz University Hanover and other higher education institutions of the PZH (Production Technology Centre Hanover) in current research projects for improvement in efficiency and safety during grinding to bear the evolution in the field of grinding and cutting bill.

The MPA Hanover is available as an independent expert for grinding wheel accidents.

Information on the conduct of tests see
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Order for testing
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