Examination of motor vehicle license plates

On behalf of the DIN CERTCO, the certification organization of TÜV Rheinland Group and DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, the MPA examines retroreflective license plates according to the German Standard DIN 74 069.

These tests are mandatory for all manufacturers and / or embossers to obtain a license plate registration number of the DIN CERTCO. By us the test result is forwarded to the DIN CERTCO. Only after this, vehicle number plates may be placed on the market.

Naturally, the MPA also examines retroreflective license plates in accordance with the International Standard ISO 7591.

Notes on application
Applications must be entirely completed. Incomplete applications may lead to processing delays. Please ensure that the valid registration number is stamped legibly on the front of the vehicle registration number during the investigation. License plates without a register number (except for initial tests) can not be accepted for consideration. Per assembly plant and stamping facility in principle, a separate application must be filled out because the certificate is issued to the address of each embossing firm. Therefore, a distinction must be made between the embossing address and the office address.

More Information about examination of motor vehicle license plates for Germany: www.dincertco.de/de/kfz_zubehoer.html

Download application partial test
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