Accredited testing laboratory for mechanical-technological tests

MPA HANNOVER is an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for mechanical-technological tests and at the same time RapStra (Guidelines for the recognition of testing laboratories for building materials and mixtures of building materials in road construction) testing laboratory. MPA HANNOVER also carries out a wide range of mechanical and technological tests.


Starting materials for mineral building products

  • Testing of cement, lime as well as other binding agents
  • Testing of aggregates (in cooperation with Department 3)
  • Testing of concrete additives (grain size, properties, etc.)
  • Testing of concrete admixtures (properties, composition, etc.)

Fresh concrete and other processing properties

  • Consistency check (spreading dimension, compaction dimension, settling flow dimension, etc.)
  • Rheological measurements (rheometers for mortar and concrete)
  • Properties for the processing of grouting mortar
  • Hardened concrete
  • Mechanical properties (compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, fatigue strength, etc.)
  • Durability with water penetration depth, air void characteristics, carbonation, resistance to frost and freeze-thaw salts, etc.
  • Long-term behaviour such as autogenous shrinkage, drying shrinkage or creep
  • High-strength casting materials (grout)
  • Tests according to the DAfStb Guideline ‘Grouting Concrete’
  • Processing tests under temperature influence


  • Tests on plaster and masonry mortar
  • Tests for masonry blocks
  • Tests on masonry (compressive strength, bending strength, shear strength, etc.)
  • Tests on accessories for masonry (air layer anchors, lintels, etc.)


  • Tests on façade claddings such as flat fibre cement panels, laminates and other materials
  • Tests on the interaction of fasteners and façade cladding, including dynamic tests
  • Testing of balcony coverings


  • Testing on thin-walled steel or aluminium profiles
  • Tests on fasteners in lightweight construction


  • Tests on rubber such as tensile strength, compression set, etc.
  • Testing on plastics such as bending strength, tensile strength
  • Tests on motorway joint profiles
  • Tests on sealing profiles for segment linings according to STUVA recommendation

Approved testing laboratory, inspection body and certification body (PÜZ) under the regional building regulations (Landesbauordnung – LBO) and certification body under the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR).