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MPA HANNOVER maintains an efficient laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for building-chemical tests.




Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Schnatzke
Tel. +49 511 762-3106,
(Head of Departments, all types of services)




Concrete, mortar, plaster

  • Determination of the composition of hardened concrete, mortar, plaster with full analysis of the solubility on the Basis of DIN 52170
  • Chemical analyses of concrete, plaster, mortar and their starting components, e.g. chloride content, Na2O equivalent, etc.
  • Determination of chloride penetration profiles on drill cores or from drill dust samples in acid digestion (according to EN 14629 or DAfStb booklet 401)


Concrete admixtures and admixtures

  • Monitoring of factory production control for CE marking


Bricks, masonry and natural stones

  • Testing of facing bricks for efflorescent salts according to DIN 51100
  • Analysis of efflorescence
  • Salt and moisture analysis for masonry samples
  • Determination of the water penetration speed


Rigid PUR foams

  • Examination of injected gases (cell gas analysis) with GC-MS
  • Determination of closed cellularity (DIN EN ISO 4590)


Joint sealing components

  • Joint sealing tapes made of impregnated foamed plastics (test and classification acc. to DIN 18542)
  • One-component foams (tests acc. to FEICA)
  • Sealing compounds (acrylate and silicone compounds)



  • Identity testing of plastics and/or resin and hardeners
  • Melting point determination of plastics
  • Determination of the filler content in plastics
  • Thermoanalytical measurements


Testing for harmful substances and environmental compatibility

  • Testing for asbestos fibres (e.g. fibre cement boards)
  • Testing for prohibited propellants (CHCs, CFCs)


Expert opinions

  • Expert opinions and test reports on issues of construction chemistry