Non-destructive testing

We carry out non-destructive testing with ISO 9712-certified personnel using the methods of radiographic testing (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT), penetration testing (PT), visuell testing (VT) and magnetic particle testing (MT).

Radiographic testing with X-ray tubes

Up to 320 kV direct emitter; max. approx. 70 mm Fe
Up to 150 kV omnidirectional emitter; max. approx. 25 mm Fe

Up to 250 kV direct emitter; max. approx. 35 mm Fe
Up to 200 kV omnidirectional emitter; max. approx. 30 mm Fe

Ultrasonic testing

Stationary and mobile: With mains-independent ultrasonic devices for testing metallic and non-metallic components.
Testing e.g. of welds, castings, forgings, sheet metal; possibility of documentation.

Penetration tests

Stationary and mobile with coloured and fluorescent systems. Possibility of display documentation with image processing system.

Magnetic particle testing

Stationary: With magnetic powder test bench
Mobile: With permanent magnets, AC hand yoke, power source.


With flexible endoscope and video documentation (videoscope); diameter 6.1 mm; working length 1.5 m.

Training in radiation protection in accordance with ‘Strahlenschutzverordnung (StrlSchV)’

In cooperation with the “Institute for Radioecology and Radiation Protection (IRS)”, Leibniz University Hannover to obtain the qualification within the scope of the radiation protection ordinance (StrlSchV).